Imperial Audio

Animal Kingdom EP

Imperial Audio is focused on bringing underground artists with an original sound to prominence. One such artist is Crystal Catcha, a producer who kind of sounds like, after a night of clubbing, went deep into the woods when everybody else went home. The results are sublime: four evocative and richly textured productions that send chills down the spine: "Crane & Tiger" features far-east samples and trap beats, "Animal Kingdom" features haunting synths and eerie noises, "Locusts" features a swarm of nagging electronic jabs, and lastly "Endgame" is a weary analogue stagger out of the bushery and into the light.



Groove With Me EP

Crystal Catcha's sound has matured and morphed in the years since he launched himself into the murky bass worlds with his gnarly Flipside EP. Now stirring a much richer, deeper, flavoursome cauldron, his recipes reach out to a much wider dancefloor. Here we find heavy elements of double-bass slapping soul on "Groove With Me" while the staccato riddim and oceanic washes of jazz chords on "She's Gone" instantly allure with sonic sentiment. "It Ain't Love", meanwhile, places so much emphasis on the dynamic synth textures that you barely notice the naked beats buried deep in the background. A very interesting release.